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Research Community


To accomplish its objectives, USTAR collaborates with the University of Utah (U of U) and Utah State University (USU) to create world-class research teams in strategic innovation development areas. Highly regarded faculty members, supported by teams of cutting-edge researchers, lead these teams.

The characteristics of these innovation focus areas:

  1. Are based on existing university strengths
  2. Have vast commercialization opportunities
  3. Address large and strategic global markets
  4. Leverage Utah industry strengths

Leading Researchers & Innovators

USTAR has gone to great lengths to secure some of the best talent to head up their research teams. Since its inception, USTAR has attracted 50 leading researchers from MIT, Harvard University, UCLA, Case Western, University of Arizona, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and other top research institutions to work in the areas of biodevice/biopharma, energy, digital media, imaging technology, nanotechnology, medical imaging and brain medicine.

Meet our World-Class Researchers Here

State-of-the-Art Facilities

State funding of USTAR includes a significant investment in world-class research facilities at USU and the U of U. The primary purpose of these buildings is to give our research teams top-of-the-line facilities in which to conduct their work. The secondary purpose is also critical, and that is to foster the connection between industry, entrepreneurship and research.

Explore the USTAR BioInnovations Building and the Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology

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