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USTAR Funded Projects

Kai Kuck

Kai Kuck has developed a device to monitor and record renal and urinary oxygenation during surgery. Early detection of changes in oxygen levels may predict acute renal injury often associated with cardiac surgeries.

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Craig Selzman

Craig Selzman is exploring a treatment for severe heart failure through a combination of electrical stimulation of nerves and a mix of tissue repair proteins and stem cells to improve heart function.

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Alistair Ward

Alistair Ward is developing health IT approaches for examining large volumes of genomic data to aid diagnosis through a collaboration with ARUP.

Read about Alistair Ward and Frameshift Labs here

XEnd Medical Systems

XEnd Medical Systems is developing nested, thin-walled needles that reduce contamination by skin microbes during eye surgery. These will reduce the potential for loss of vision.

XEnd Medical Systems mission is to reduce the incidence of infections caused by hypodermic needle injections. Invented by a world-renowned eye surgeon, the “Antibacterial Hypodermic Needle and Syringe (AHNS)” is designed to prevent bacteria on the surface from being transported to the body’s interior by a hypodermic needle. This is a serious problem for patients receiving injections of medication into spaces with little ability to fight infection, including the eye, certain joints, cerebrospinal fluid and any injection where the patient is severely immunosuppressed. The AHNS is expected to drive better patient outcomes and to sharply lower treatment and liability costs.

TherapEase Innovations

TherapEase provides a unique system that assists with mobility exercises during post-surgical knee recovery that reduces recovery time and increases the range of motion.

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StreamDX has fabricated a urine collection device for the at-home diagnosis of male urinary disorders. The device will improve measurement accuracy, reducing physician costs.

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Sharp Eyes is developing adaptive lenses with software that continuously adjusts the lens magnification to give clear images at very near and midrange distances, eliminating bifocals.

Read about Sharpeyes

nView Medical

nView medical is bringing the next generation image guidance products to market. With its flagship technology – insta3D – nView will be able to assist surgeons in achieving greater accuracy than with conventional imaging, in real-time and without interfering with the surgical workflow. nView has developed a 3D imaging system to improve the CT scanners of guided surgical procedures. Advances include higher resolution, less radiation, and improved surgical outcomes.

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NovaBio Technologies

NovaBio is developing a coil-shaped and biodegradeable device that holds together tendons and ligaments that distributes tension, decreasing risk of reruptures and the need for revision surgeries after ligament and tendon repair.



iVeena has multiple products at various stages of commercialization that focus on a range of eye issues. The company was awarded TAP funding through USTAR at the start of 2017 to support their minimally invasive glaucoma surgical (MIGS) device called the Schlemm’s stent-sieve. S3 helps control pressure in the eye by draining fluid naturally through the Schlemm’s canal. A stent is strategically placed in the eye to continuously drain fluid and control the pressure that damages vision following cataract and other optical surgery.

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i-CalQ, a life science device company based out of Salt Lake City, is using smartphone attachments and corresponding image analysis software applications to accurately perform point-of-care, single-use, lateral flow diagnostic tests. Currently, the company has tests for thyroid disease and another for measuring salivary cortisol levels. These tests can be performed inexpensively and produce results in as little as 20 minutes.

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Dentavations has patented a revolutionary new tool that uses a high-pressure stream of water for cavity preparations rather than a drill bit. The Waterjet is quieter, faster, and more versatile. Dentavations is working to complete final stage development and seek FDA approval.

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LightLine Medical

LightLine Medical (formerly Veritas Medical)  has developed a platform technology which will address Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in multiple areas. LightLine Medical’s devices employs a novel visible light phototherapy technology to actively disinfect the device while residing within a patient’s body.

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Pollen Sense

Pollen Sense is a fully-automated pollen sensor that collects and images pollen and other particulates down to less than 5?m in real-time. USTAR funding is being applied toward developing automated classification and identification of pollen.

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Turner Innovations

Using USTAR funds, Turner Innovations has developed a wireless, portable x-ray imaging device that weighs just 17 pounds. The device, which fits in a carry-on suitcase, can be used in a variety of applications, from the operating room to the slopes to the battlefield.

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Applied BioSensors

Applied Biosensors are experts in biochemical monitoring. Their breakthrough technology allows continuous biochemical monitoring, which allows for safer, more-cost effective development for a variety of bio-related products.

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Nano Synth

We are the forefront researching team making cutting-edge advancements in the fields of chemistry, biology, alternative energy and adaptable technology. Nano Synth’s core technology spans several scientific fields and avenues for application. Tuberculosis (TB) is a major global health problem and one of the most important causes of death from an infectious disease. In 2012, 8.6 million people developed TB and 1.3 million died from the disease.

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