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UTAG Questions

    Is there a submit button for UTAG? How do I know if my proposal is saved?

    There is not a submit button. Your information is saved several times per minute.

    The status bar is showing that my sections are incomplete, but I've filled out all the necessary information. Is my application complete?

    It is showing incomplete if you’ve left fields blank that don’t apply to you. If you see all of your information displayed as you have entered it and as you would like it, it is complete.

    We would like to add a consultant into the budget for UTAG. Is this allowable?

    Yes, you can include the cost for a consultant or contractor in the UTAG budget.

    Can budgets include funds for indirect costs or overhead costs (F&A)?

    No. Proposals must not include a request or budget for payment of university facilities and administrative (F&A) expenses, overhead costs, or any other indirect cost based on projections, estimates, percentages, or formulas. Grant funding will only be awarded for costs actually incurred by and specifically attributable to the individual project described in the proposal.

    Is overlap permitted between the same projects? Can a project receive tap, UTAG and TCIP funding?

    Applicants to UTAG cannot have received funding in the same fiscal year from a previous UTAG or TAP award or GOED’s TCIP.

    What is the maximum amount that can be requested?

    There is not a specified amount that can be awarded. Budgets and proposals should be driven by the cost associated with milestones.

    Is a letter of intent required to submit an application?

    A letter of intent is not required, but helps USTAR headquarters estimate the number of applications that might be received and plan review panels accordingly.

    Will the UTAG budget include equipment?

    Yes, but note that funding is primarily for those costs directly associated with moving the project from one technical milestone to the next. Equipment purchases must be justified in the funding section of the white paper.

    Our team is a spinout from a university. Can we apply to receive UTAG funds?

    UTAG is for Individual researchers or teams of researchers who must be employees of a non-profit Utah-based college or university to be eligible to apply for UTAG. UTAG is for researchers only; companies should apply to USTAR’s TAP program.

    Does the six page limit include a list of references?

    References can exceed the six pages.

    Are letters of commitment expected or allowed for industry partners as part of the commercialization plan and/or private funding commitments?

    Letters of commitment are not required but up to three letters maximum and no more than five pages each can be submitted.  These letters of commitment are only accepted in support of the commercialization plan and/or private funding commitments.  They are not meant to provide support of the technical merits of the proposal or the technical team merit.

    Can part of our award be used to pay for tuition?

    Student tuition can not be funded under any of USTAR’s competitive grant programs.


    One of our potential projects does not squarely fit within one of the ustar identifiable industry sectors, will that significantly hurt the chances of that project being funded?

    USTAR will consider an application if it doesn’t fit within our targeted industry sectors.

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