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USTAR Confluence

USTAR Confluence will be moving from fall to spring in an effort to better serve the academic and entrepreneurial communities.

We will be announcing the dates soon for the next event.



PAST: 2016 USTAR Confluence

Eventbrite - USTAR Confluence 2018: Where Innovation Meets Economic Development



Samir Mayekar

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Samir Mayekar, Co-Founder/CEO of Sinode Systems

Based in Chicago, IL, Samir Mayekar is an advisor at ASG and Co-Founder/CEO of SiNode Systems, a venture-backed company developing advanced materials for the lithium-ion battery industry. Recently, he worked with the business development team at Boeing Defense Systems and as an Investment Banker at Credit Suisse. Mr. Mayekar also served as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the financial development institution of the U.S. Government. At OPIC, he helped coordinate agency efforts in advancing priorities of the Obama administration, such as providing over $1 billion in financing for energy projects in emerging markets. He joined OPIC after serving as the National Security Director of the Presidential Personnel Office at the White House, where he managed presidential appointments at the Pentagon, State Department, Department of Homeland Security, and Central Intelligence Agency. He previously served as a Management Consultant in Chicago with Marakon Associates, focusing on clients in the industrials sector. Mr. Mayekar holds a B.A. from Northwestern University (summa cum laude) and an M.B.A. with distinction from the Kellogg School of Management, where he was a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow. He is a Guest Lecturer on energy and entrepreneurship at Northwestern University.


Student Poster Session Submissions are now Closed. 


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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

9:00 am    Keynote Speaker    Samir Mayekar
10:00 am    Break
10:15 am    Helidyne    Kevin Kerlin
10:45 am    Farhang Wireless   Jonathan Hedstrom
11:15 am    Break
11:30 am   Veritas Medical   Nathaniel Rhodes
12:00 pm   Inertial Sense  Walter Johnson 
12:30 pm    Lunch
1:00 pm    Poster Session

1:45 pm   U of U  Paul Sigala 
2:15 pm   USU  Young Min Lee 
2:45 pm    Break

3:00 pm   USU  Tom Chang  
3:30 pm   U of U  Mark Yandell 
4:00 pm    Break
4:15 pm   PANEL: Todd Reece, Reed Chase, Scott D. Marty 
5:00 pm    End

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

9:00 am    Featured Speaker   Molly Kocialski, USPTO West Director
10:00 am    Break
10:15 am    BD Medical   Jeff O’Bryan
10:30 am    L3 Communications   Randy Sylvester
10:45 am    United States Air Force   Jay Fiebig 

11:00 am    Break
11:15 am   SL City Dept of Public Utilities  Laura Briefer 
11:30 am   Ceramatec    Chett Boxley
11:45 am  Rocky Mountain Power/Electric Vehicles  James Campbell
12:00 pm    Lunch
12:30 pm    Poster Session

1:15 pm   PANEL: Mary Cardon, Clark Cahoon, Teresa McKnight, Steven Price, Larry Shepherd, Chuck Spence 
2:30 pm    Break
2:45 pm   USTAR progress and wrap-up  Ivy Estabrooke  
3:15 pm   1 on 1 meetings with SBIR and USTAR Regional Directors
4:30 pm    End

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