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Past Winners

Academic/Research ACA
STEM Education ED
Industry IND
Lifetime Achievement LIFE
Government GOV
Special Recognition SPEC

Medal Recipients, Organization, Category   

Russell M. Nelson  LIFE
Tyson Grover  Davis School District  ED
Dana Carroll  University of Utah  ACA
George Hansen  Conductive Composites  IND

Debra Spielmaker  Utah State University  ED
Adam Beehler  University of Utah  ED
Cynthia Burrows  University of Utah  ACA
Cynthia Furse  University of Utah  ACA
Timothy McLain  Brigham Young University  ACA
Terry Messmer  Utah State University  ACA
John Morrey  Utah State University  ACA
Kyle Rollins  Brigham Young University ACA
Lawrence Thatcher The Thatcher Company  IND
Robert Baskin  US Geological Survey  GOV
Dr. Vivian S. Lee  University of Utah  SPEC

Noelle Cockett   Utah State University     ACA
Joel Harris  University of Utah   ACA
Michelle Baker Utah State University   ED
Christine Hailey Utah State University   ED
Rich Brown University of Utah   ED
Paul Hill Utah State University   ED
Susan Opp L-3 IND
Rich Linder CoNextions Medical IND
Nelson Laboratories  Nelson Laboratories IND
Sarah George University of Utah   SPEC
Tom Parks University of Utah   SPEC  

Phyllis Coley University of Utah   ACA
Erik Jorgensen University of Utah   ACA
Christine Celestino Juan Diego Catholic High School ED
Helen Hu Westminster College ED
Niel Holt Space Dynamics Laboratory IND
Ronald Weiss University of Utah   /ARUP IND
US Synthetic  US Synthetic IND
Troy D’Ambrosio University of Utah   SPEC

Aloysius S. Church University of Utah   ED
Tamara Goetz Utah Valley University GOV
Larry Grandia Health Catalyst IND
Larry Rigby Larada Sciences IND
Henry S. White University of Utah   ACA
Kenneth L. White Utah State University   ACA
IM Flash Technologies  IM Flash Technologies IND

Dale Taylor Ceramics Material Technologies IND
Theodore Stanley Anesta and ZARS IND
David Kieda University of Utah   ACA
Geraldine Mineau University of Utah   ACA
Thure Cerling University of Utah   ACA
Adam Johnston Weber State University ED
Amy Pace Open High School of Utah ED
Scott Anderson Zions Bank SPEC
Nicole Toomey-Davis Enclavix, LLC GOV

Byard D. Wood Utah State University   ACA
Bruce Bugbee Utah State University   ACA
Edward M. Eyring University of Utah   ACA
Tim Miller Echelon Biosciences IND
Kelly B. Powers CR Bard Access Systems IND
Amanda Smith Dept. of Environmental Quality GOV
Hugo Rossi University of Utah   ED
Richard R. Nelson Utah Technology Council SPEC
Gary Harter GOED SPEC
Jeff Edwards EDCUtah SPEC
Steve Rodgers EmergenTek SPEC

Dennis Farrar Upstart Ventures IND
Kevin Jensen Forage & Range Research Lab GOV
D. Clark Turner Aribex, Inc IND
Louisa Stark Genetic Science Learning Center ED
Paul Israelsen Utah State University   ACA
Peter Armentront University of Utah   ACA
Doug Panee Oak Canyon Jr. High ED 

Randall J. Olsen Moran Eye Center ACA
W. Farrell Edwards Utah State University   ED
Glen Westbroek Alpine School District ED
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Utah State University ED – Group
Ashok C. Khandkar Amedica Corp IND
Reaveley Engineers & Associates Reaveley Engineers & Associates IND
William R. Lund Utah Geological Survey GOV

Mario Capecchi University of Utah   SPEC
H. Dewayne Ashmead Albion Laboratories, Inc. IND
Lee Siegel University of Utah   ED
Bonnie Bourgeous Clearfield High School ED
Vickie Ahlstrom Sego Lily Elementary ED
Brent Adams Brigham Young University ACA
David S. Chapman University of Utah   ACA
David Wakefield Utah Dept. of Public Safety/Forensic Srvcs GOV

Jack Sunderlage ContentWatch SPEC
Jerry R. Nelson Nelson Laboratories, Inc. IND
Josh James Omniture IND
Paul Nance Jordan School District ED
Greg Jones Moran Eye Center GOV
Thomas Wilkerson Utah State University   ACA
Bonnie Baxter Westminster College ACA
Chris Ireland University of Utah   ACA

Glenn D. Prestwich Carbylan BioSurgry, Inc./U of U IND
Gina Sanzenbacher Jordan Applied Technology Center SCI ED
Theron Miller Utah DEQ/DWQ GOV
Merrill W. Beckstead Brigham Young University ED/Research
Jan D. Miller University of Utah   ED/Research
Pierre Sokolsky University of Utah   ED/Research
Anil V. Virkar University of Utah   ED/Research

Barbara Gentry Jordan School District ED
Daniel L. Simmons Brigham Young University ACA
David W. Hoeppner University of Utah   ACA
Donna Lee Trease Davis County School District ED
Richard W. Grow University of Utah   SPEC
James L. Sorensen Sorenson Companies IND
Loren Morton Department of Environmental Quality GOV
Richard K. Koehn SentrX Surgical, Inc. SPEC
Z. Valy Vardeny University of Utah   ACA
Dean Lester ATK Thiokol IND

Michael Glass Dugway Proving Ground GOV
Richard Halterman Retired ­ Granite School District ED
A. Lorris Betz University of Utah   ACA
Noelle E. Cockett Utah State University   ACA
Karl Gordon Lark University of Utah   ACA
Joel S. Miller University of Utah   ACA
C. Arden Pope Brigham Young University ACA
Wynn R. Walker Utah State University   ACA
Stephen R. Carter Novell, Inc. IND
Rex S. Spendlove HyClone SPEC

Jerry Miller US Bureau of Reclamation GOV
Brett Moulding Utah State Office of Education GOV
Virgina Ord Davis School District ED
William Smith Granite School District ED
Clair Batty Utah State University   ACA
David Bowles Utah State University   ACA
Carl Wittwer University of Utah   ACA
Fred Lampropoulos Merit Medical Systems, Inc. IND
Ashok Joshi Ceramatec, Inc. IND 

Steven D. Aust Utah State University   ACA
Randall W. Burt University of Utah   ACA
Om P. Gandhi University of Utah   ACA
Larry J. Ashton Rocky Mountain Composites, Inc. IND
Hunter Jackson NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. IND
Bill Jordan Pope Diamicron, Inc. IND
Kathleen P. Ochsenbein Roy Junior High School ED
Mario Renato Capecchi University of Utah   SPEC

Mary Beckerle University of Utah   ACA
Gail Bingham Utah State University   ACA
Janet Ross Four Corners School ED
Doyle Stephens U.S. Geological Survey, deceased GOV
Bob Randolph Alliant Techsystems, ret. IND

Thomas Henderson University of Utah   ACA
William Carroll University of Utah   ACA
Gary Belovsky Utah State University   ACA
Richard Tolman Brigham Young University ED
Donald Burge College of Eastern Utah ED
Donald Jensen Utah State University   ED
James Kohler BLM (Team) GOV
Stanley Perkes BLM (Team) GOV
James Bowers Dugway Proving Grounds GOV
Suzanne Winters The Escalante Center GOV
Bradley Gilson Gilson Newman Bingham Team IND
Judd Lawrence Gilson Newman Bingham Team IND
Mark Newman Gilson Newman Bingham Team IND
Scott Hill Gilson Newman Bingham Team IND
James Boye Varian Medical Systems IND

Christopher R. Johnson University of Utah   ACA
James R. Ehleringer University of Utah   ACA
Stephen M. Prescott University of Utah   ACA
Marvin N. Tolman Brigham Young University ED
Don Carl Smellie Utah State University   ED
Eva C. Nieminski Dept. of Environmental Quality GOV
Alan J. Mohr Dugway Proving Grounds GOV
Bruce Barrett U.S. Bureau of Reclamation GOV
Robert F. Keller Alliant Techsystems IND
Marlin Shelley Cirris Systems Corporation IND

Spotswood Spruance University of Utah   ACA
John O. Evans Utah State University   ACA
Joseph Hugh Baird Brigham Young University ED
Duane Merrell Emery High School ED
David Madsen Utah Geological Survey GOV
David Burt Space Dynamics Laboratory IND

Gerald B. Stringfellow University of Utah   ACA
Rose Marie Voce Jackson Elementary ED
Bryant F. Anderson Lockheed Martin IND
Peter Meldrum Myriad Genetics. Inc. IND
Dan Fischer Ultradent Products, Inc. IND

Morris Robbins Brigham Young University ACA
Richard Normann University of Utah   ACA
C. Anthon Ernstrom Utah State University   ACA
Walter Saunders Utah State University   ED
Von Del Chamberlain Hansen Planetarium GOV
Walter Arabasz University of Utah   GOV
Dinesh Patel Thera Tech, Inc. IND
Harold Ritchey Thiokol IND
Laurence Reaveley University of Utah   IND

Charles Dale Poulter University of Utah   ACA
David W. Pershing University of Utah   ACA
Thomas G. Stockham University of Utah   ACA
Peter F. Gerity Utah State University   ACA
Sherman Dickman SLC School District ED
Charles B. Hunt U.S. Geological Survey GOV
Mark Skolnick Myriad Genetics IND

H. Tracy Hall Brigham Young University ACA
Raymond F. Gesteland University of Utah   ACA
Sherman Coleman University of Utah   ACA
William Lee Stokes University of Utah   ACA
Linda Powers Utah State University   ACA
Ty Robinson Spanish Fork Intermediate ED
Kevin T. Jones State of Utah ­ State History GOV
Keith Wilson Dynix IND
Errol P. EerNisse Quartztronics IND

K. L. DeVries University of Utah   ACA
Raymond L. White University of Utah   ACA
Helga E. T. Kolb University of Utah   ACA
Peter Stang University of Utah   ACA
Ronald Sims Utah State University   ACA
Larry J. Peterson Bonneville High School ED
LaMont Jensen Clearfield High School ED
Hellmut H. Doelling Utah Geological Survey GOV
J. McKay Anderson Hercules, Inc. IND
O. LewWood Quartztronics, Inc. IND
Raymond J. Ganowsky Ram Company IND

J. Bevan Ott Brigham Young University ACA
Levi Hintze Brigham Young University ACA
David M. Grant University of Utah   ACA
Joseph Andrade University of Utah   ACA
Karin Caldwell University of Utah   ACA
A. Bruce Bishop Utah State University   ACA
Bartell Jensen Utah State University   ACA
Edward B. Walker Weber State University ACA
Jan Vander Hooft Brighton High School ED
Larry Larson North Cache Middle School ED
Vern W. Bangerter Timpview High School ED
Homer R. Warner Am. Coll. of Medical Informatics IND
J.D. Mortensen Midmid, Inc. IND
Raymond Noorda Novell, Inc. IND

Jerald Bradshaw Brigham Young University ACA
Verlaine McPhie Salt Lake Community College ACA
Baldomero Olivera University of Utah   ACA
J.C. Giddings University of Utah   ACA
Douglas James Utah State University   ACA
Frank Redd Utah State University   ACA
Gilbert Moore Utah State University   ACA
Marcie Wolfe Mt. Ogden Middle School ED
Gene Amman U.S. Forst Service GOV
Ruth Novak Hercules, Inc. IND

Reed M. Izatt Brigham Young University ACA
Fritz Luty University of Utah   ACA
John A. Dixon University of Utah   ACA
Ronald Ragsdale University of Utah   ACA
Stephen Charles Jacobsen University of Utah   ACA
John Paul Riley Utah State University   ACA
Cyrus M. Mckell Weber State College ACA
Dwight O. Brown Bountiful High School ED
John W. Barainca Brighton High School ED
Michael B. Harris Layton High School ED
Allan Steed Space Dynamics Lab IND
William Partridge TRA IND

James W. Cronin University of Utah   ACA
Doran J. Baker Utah State University   ACA
Dean F. Peterson, Jr. Utah State University   , deceased ACA
Pamela P. Giles Brighton High School ED
Gerald B. Lord Granger High School ED
Robert A. Schumacker Evan & Sutherland IND
Aaron W. Farr Jetway Systems IND
Ronald K. Bell UNYSIS IND

Douglas Chabries Brigham Young University ACA
Don Olsen University of Utah   ACA
Sung Wan Kim University of Utah   ACA
William J. Higuchi University of Utah   ACA
Eldon Gardner Utah State University   ACA
Jack Keller Utah State University   ACA
Robert W. Schunk Utah State University   ACA
Robert W. Sidwell Utah State University   ACA
Carl D. Marti, Jr. Weber State College ACA
Rober Cefalo Box Elder High School ED
RuthAnn Yahne Layton High School ED
David G. Rettie Olympus High School ED
Linda Jean Preston Park City High School ED
Merrill Webb Provo High School ED
Alan Ashton WordPerfect IND

L.Douglas Smoot Brigham Young University ACA
Del Allen Brigham Young University ACA
Eugene C. Loh University of Utah   ACA
John Roth University of Utah   ACA
Milton Wadsworth University of Utah   ACA
Richard Riesenfeld University of Utah   ACA
Robert W. Parry University of Utah   ACA
William Odell University of Utah   ACA
Homer Walker Utah State University   ACA
James Mac Mahon Utah State University   ACA
Wilford Hansen Utah State University   ACA
Sidney R. Ash Weber State College ACA
Richard Dix Cloward Bonneville High School ED
Shu Ming Chang Clearfield High School ED
Wade W. Gleary Davis High School ED
Rachelle Argyle Park City High School ED
Wendy Hendrickson Richfield High School ED
David Evans Evans & Sutherland IND
Milton Lee Lee Scientific IND
Michael Alder NPI IND
Benjamin V. Cox UNYSIS IND
Wayne Brown Utah Innovation Center IND

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