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Meet Wovyn: A recent USTAR TAP awardee and a recognized IoT company

Utah has several companies leading the Internet of Things or IoT revolution. While there are large corporate leaders with a presence in the state like Microsoft, Verizon, and Intel, as well as Utah’s own Vivint Smart Home and Monnit, there are also quiet leaders in specific technology areas like Wovyn, the company that is ‘weaving the Internet of Things together’ from Heber City, Utah. Scott Lemon, Founder and CEO of Wovyn, a recent Technology Acceleration Program (TAP) grant awardee, is an advocate for Utah’s growing IoT community.

Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, selected Wovyn as one of the country’s top 5 “Cool Vendors in Embedded Software and Systems for 2016.” In a recent interview, Lemon spoke about the future of IoT in Utah.

How long have you been in the IoT business?

SL:    Research and development of the core IoT architecture and ideas began in January of 2011.  This was when I recognized that existing M2M [machine to machine communication between devices] solutions lacked Internet protocols and connectivity, and that there was limited focus on addressing modern enterprise and commercial IT requirements.  Wovyn was founded in April of 2012 to focus on those developments and create a suite of products and services.

What are the opportunities you see in IoT in the next few years?

SL:    The IoT marketplace is going to both fragment and consolidate over the next 5-10 years.  Today’s “silo’d solutions,” where one vendor attempts to provide the entire IoT solution, will be replaced by an ecosystem of vendors that are providing interoperable hardware and software components.  This transformation of the IoT market will accelerate as various IoT standards begin to take hold.  This is going to create new opportunities for companies to enter into the IoT market and focus on their specific expertise, rather than trying to deliver everything.

What is the next step for Wovyn?

SL:    Wovyn is continuing to grow its’ products and services to include off-the-shelf solutions to address the growing IoT Infrastructure market.  We are targeting specific areas like connected buildings and connected products, where our unique expertise is effectively leveraged.

With the development of our 3rd generation of products, we will offer customers a customizable solution that can address a wide array of use cases within a consistent sensor architecture and software suite.  We will be addressing total IoT infrastructure life-cycle requirements including management, maintenance, calibration, upgrades, and fault tolerance.

How can others be more involved in growing the IoT community in Utah?

SL:    As more people recognize the developing IoT ecosystem, it will become more obvious where individuals and companies can get involved in hardware and software development.  Given the fact that IoT is bringing together the worlds of Operations Technology and Information Technology there is a growing number of services required which also creates opportunity in Utah.  Future IoT projects will require expertise in solutions development, installation and maintenance, data management and analytics, and machine learning.  The key to being involved is joining the conversation, learning, and participating in the various Utah events that are focusing on IoT and the growing IoT ecosystem.

To meet companies like Wovyn and others building new technologies in the Internet of Things industry, join a Utah RIoT Roundup. For more information visit:

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