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TAP Questions

    I was in the process of uploading my letters of support through the portal. It seems the portal will only let you upload a single letter. Am I missing something?

    The portal allows for one file upload for your letter of support. If you have more than one, combine them all in to the same document and upload as a single file.

    Our company is planning to support the proposed project with internal resources (both $$ and time). Other than mentioning this, I didn't plan to quantify this in the budget. However, the USTAR TAP Budget template page, "Budget by Milestone Summary" has a column for Total and another for TAP Requested Total. Should I diligently enter the expenses that fall outside our grant request or can I just focus on our request?

    There is no need to enter expenses that fall outside of your grant request.

    The biographical sketch template has fonts at 11 point Arial, with a smaller margin than 1 inch. In other places in the proposal documentation, it mentions a minimum of 12 point Arial. What are the minimum font size and margins for the biographical sketches. Is the five page limit for each key person's individual biographical sketch or for the total of all biographical sketches combined?

    Required font size for the application (white paper, biosketches, budget justification) is 12 pt. Arial font with one inch margins. Charts/graphs can be no smaller than 10 pt. Arial font. The biographical sketches have a limit of 5 pages per person.

    On the detailed budget request form there are the following three columns: TOTAL, TAP REQUESTED, TAP TOTAL. I have not found in any of these documents a description of the difference between these items. Is this presuming that (at least in some projects) TAP funding is a portion of the funds or that TAP is augmenting an existing project?

    If requested TAP funds are a portion of an existing project, indicate so. For TAP, the total and the TAP requested total are likely to be identical unless the amount requested from TAP is less than what is shown in the Total column. Enter the total funds needed and enter the identical values in the TAP Requested Total.

    What are the rules regarding foreign CROs? There are some contract services we need that are not available in Utah. Is there any distinction to USTAR whether these external CROs are within the US or in another country? Costs are substantially cheaper if done overseas.

    In the program announcement USTAR asks that you indicate in your white paper if work such as manufacturing or supplies will be sourced within Utah. If not, you must disclose where the work will be done and justify why it can not be completed in Utah.?

    What is the maximum that USTAR will pay for patent filing fees?

    USTAR will reimburse the first $15,000 per technology and will reimburse up to 50% patenting fees above the initial $15,000, not to exceed USTAR reimbursement of $30,000

    How would we factor in the costs for benefits for employees engaged in the work? Typically employees will be paid a fixed salary, but the costs of their benefits may differ and would be given as an estimate of 20-30% benefits based on the position. Do we need to have this predefined?

    While we do not allow overhead, we do allow fringe benefits on salary. To do this, use a “fully burdened rate” for the salary amounts requested. To calculate the fully burdened rate: (annual salary amount + annual fringe benefit amount) / (2080 hours). In the budget narrative, disclose what is included in your fringe benefit amount, i.e. benefits, insurance, etc.

    I noticed on the webinar that no overhead costs are allowed. Would the rent of the lab facilities where the work will be done be considered operating cost?

    Proposals should not include any request or budget for payment of “overhead” costs, or any other indirect costs based on projections, estimates, percentages, or formulas. Grant funding will only be awarded for costs specifically attributable to the individual project described in the proposal. Rent of the lab facilities would be considered an operating cost.

    Can a TAP company apply before having a registered company so long as they are registered before being awarded?

    Yes, however, all eligibility requirements (register with Division of Corporations, substantial presence in UT, etc.) must be met before funding can be provided.

    What is the allowable budget request for TAP?

    There is no set amount for TAP funding. Budgets should be driven by the cost associated with achieving the technical milestones proposed.

    Is there a budget or biosketch template to be used with the application? We can not find one online.

    The required templates for the application will be on the website accepting applications,, starting September 1st. If your required letter of intent (due 8/25) is approved and USTAR invites you to submit an application, you will be given a proposal number at that time. A proposal number is required to access the application.

    What is the total award amount for this round?

    Approximately $2 million is anticipated

    Please clarify what is expected in the GRAMA form. Does this limit the requests that can be made to my small business by the state of Utah and/or others?

    In the GRAMA form, make note of any proprietary information that will be in your application (trade secrets, financial disclosures, etc.). USTAR is a state agency, and is subject to receiving GRAMA requests from the public. Contracts between a state agency and an independent party are public information. Should USTAR receive a GRAMA request, the agency will refer to the GRAMA form submitted by the applicant, and anything marked as proprietary would be redacted.

    There is mention that equipment should not exceed $5,000. Is that for a single piece of equipment, or the total expense for equipment?

    Any single piece of equipment exceeding $5,000 requires a specific detailed justification in the “Budget Justification” form.  Items less than $5,000 may be grouped together, but still require justification in the “Budget Justification” form.  In both scenarios, justification is needed for new equipment and the corresponding milestone(s) needs to be provided.

    In the meetings, there was mention that the goal for the economic section was to "create quality jobs in Utah". What is meant by "quality"? Is there a definition you are using? Or a standard for "quality" that we should be looking for?

    Quality jobs are defined as any job paying 125% of the county average wage.

    The TAP-LOI Template requires a Utah Business License Number, and because we are operating as a “Home Occupation Business” the state does not require a business license. Can we leave the “Utah Business License Number” field blank, or do we need to obtain a business license just for this application? We have applied for a business license, but our local city would not guarantee that we would have the license number before August 25th.

    You can leave the business license number field blank. However, please note that you must have the business license in place before you are able to receive USTAR funding, which would take place after the review process, and after our Governing Authority approves funding your proposal.

    Can you please provide more of an explanation of the types of Big Data projects that would be acceptable if software development or SaaS is not acceptable. The compelling work in Big Data is primarily in algorithms and software/ systems. The official definition of Big Data projects is well described (excerpted below), but again, all of those included are software / system developments. (specific hardware for big data largely consists of systems integration of off the shelf technology such as NVIDIA CUDA-driven systems, supercomputing clusters of off the shelf servers or CUDA based systems etc, so it does not really seem to be the type of innovation USTAR is looking for). Do you mean that "end user" or "consumer" software application development is not in scope? Is business to business software in scope? backend technology for licensing ? other?

    We are interested in potential Big Data technologies.  We want to be sure we are not funding work where there is already sufficient angel/venture/private investment or the barrier to entry is low enough that the need for government support doesn’t exist.  For example, we are not funding the development of games, phone/tablet apps and software development/solutions that are effectively just coding or programing. We are interested in funding Big Data technology development that includes addressing unsolved problems in areas such as AI, quantum computing, neural computing, etc.

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