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OMAX Waterjet

The USTAR Innovation Center provides a combination of state-of-the-art cubicle space, private offices and suites, meeting rooms, labs and specialized equipment to support and assist start-up companies in maturing and commercializing their technology, in addition to providing services, grant programs, and open opportunities for collaboration and cross-disciplinary strategic partnerships between private and public and public and public.

As a technology incubator, USTAR Innovation Center will help mature start-ups and companies with good ideas – leveling the playing field by giving them access to tools (space, equipment, services, and grants) that they otherwise might not be able to afford or have access too.  USTAR Innovation Center works with government, industry and academia to solve problems and focus specifically on innovative solutions to meet the needs of the start-up community, industry, and Hill Air Force Base to create new technologies, find innovative solutions to problems, and close technology gaps.

Download an equipment list pdf here.


Available Space

Currently, the USTAR Innovation Center provides co-working space, labs and high-tech equipment in our temporary 5,000 sq. ft. facility.

In mid-October of 2017, the USTAR Innovation Center will provide cube space, private offices and office suites, labs, meeting rooms, and high-tech equipment in our permanent 21,000 sq. ft. facility (with the ability to expand to 50,000 sq. ft. to meet demand).

To apply for space, or to apply to use the high-tech equipment at the USTAR Innovation Center, please go to Work at Innovation Center and complete the application form.

Types of Spaces

All spaces at the USTAR Innovation Center have access to the facility’s shared spaces which include an executive conference room, SMART Board, think tank, kitchen/breakroom, mailbox/work room, and individual one-on-one meeting rooms, high-tech labs, specialized equipment, and potential SCIF in the future.  Spaces include internet, power, water, and janitorial.

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