USTAR-supported companies bring deep tech jobs to Utah’s rural economy

While Utah’s economy is booming on the Wasatch Front, the lingering effects of the Great Recession and technological changes in heavy industries, like mining, are still posing economic challenges for Utah’s rural counties. Parts of rural Utah are still struggling with net population loss, and slow, and sometimes even negative, economic growth. For example, in … Read More

From wildfires to winter inversion, USTAR-supported projects look to better understand Utah’s air quality issues

With Utah’s—and the rest of the western United States’—wildfire season in full swing and winter inversions lurking beyond, several Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR) supported projects are aiming to better understand and monitor air pollutants such as wildfire smoke. Wildfires are a large source of air pollutants in Utah during the summer months. … Read More

USU professor works to improve battery efficiency for applications

Tianbiao “Leo” Liu has been interested in battery chemistry for years. “Battery chemistry is pretty practical — you find battery applications everywhere,” said Liu, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Utah State University. “I think we have become like a heart for society.” With the idea that battery chemistry can be used to improve … Read More