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The Utah Science Technology and Research Agency (USTAR) was established in 2006 through the leadership and vision of the Utah Legislature and the Governor to leverage science and technology innovation in support of Utah’s economy. USTAR provides a diverse portfolio of services to facilitate making ideas new products to meet market needs.  USTAR enhanced the capacity of the State’s research universities through faculty recruitments in the areas of Life Science, Renewable and Traditional Energy, Nano and Microelectronics and Big Data. USTAR provides unique research and development resources for the use of private and public sector researchers including a nanofabrication facility, a BioHazard Level 3+ research facility, a life science incubator and aerospace incubator.  USTAR provides seed funding for start-up companies and university researchers through a competitive grants program and the regional outreach program provides mentoring, networking and prototyping services.

USTAR Vision: Utah will lead the nation as the best performing economy, and be recognized as a premier global destination*.

USTAR Mission: Create a technology ecosystem that enables ideas to seed, grow, and thrive. USTAR’s diverse portfolio of investments will:

  1. Recruit and retain top researchers to the State’s research universities
  2. Support tech entrepreneurs through training, funding, incubator and accelerator programs
  3. Broker technology transfer by connecting capital, management and industry

*Adapted from Governor Herbert’s vision for the state’s economy


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